Ils parlent de nous - Janette

They talk about us - Janette

This concept store in the station district is the perfect place to find a nice piece for your Janette wardrobe! The owner of the place wanted to c...

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Ils parlent de nous - Merkur

They talk about us - Merkur

A Store with a beautiful concept! Bagatelle x Knopes was born from the desire of Angélique Bartolini to open a brand in the Grand Duchy after an ...

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Ils parlent de nous - Land

They talk about us - Land

Angélique, who until then sold clothes in Thionville, had long wanted to offer her brands to Luxembourg customers by adding the concept-store dimen...

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Ils parlent de nous - City

They talk about us - City

This is an original association: a well-known local coffee brand shares a new space with a clothing store coming from Thionville. Angélique signs ...

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Concept store Bagatelle x Knopes au Luxembourg

Trifle x Knopes

For 4 years, Bagatelle x Knopes has brought together lovers of coffee and fine clothes in a unique concept store in Luxembourg.

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