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Angélique, who until then sold clothes in Thionville, had long wanted to offer her brands to Luxembourg customers by adding the concept-store dimension, with unusual decorative objects, jewelry from fashion and especially vinyl. Because Angélique is a music superfan and has found an excellent German house to supply her with niche musical riches. All he had to do was find a partner to share the weight of the investment and find the place.

It was the Knopes house that accepted the deal, whose reputation in terms of noble coffees has been around for more than half a century. Together, they unearthed this great space on Rue Dicks, where kitchens used to be offered and whose depth gave Angélique the opportunity to showcase her products.

If the choice for men is still limited at Bagatelle x Knopes , the fame of Ben Sherman shirts is well established and the range of "Le Slip Français" boxer shorts is fun, for the private as for the swimming pool.

On the counter side, apart from the espresso and the cappuccino, the iced lattes should work very well during a heat wave. Of course, you can also buy your favorite arabica and the utensils to make a good filter at home. As for the night owls of the last hour, they can go there to take their first tight kawa when leaving the Saumur Crystal Club opposite at dawn.

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