- ChromeFree leather upper
- ChromeFree & Suede leather inserts
- Lateral V logo in suede
- 100% organic cotton laces
- Tech inner lining (100% recycled plastic bottles) developed to acquire better resistance to friction and provide maximum comfort and flexibility thanks to its mesh structure
- 64% bio-sourced and recycled insole: made of sugar cane (34%), Amazonian rubber (11%), organic cotton (11%) & recycled EVA* (8%)
- 54% bio-sourced and recycled vulcanized outsole: made of rice waste (23%), Amazonian rubber (19%) recycled rubber (12%)
- Made in Brazil, in the region of Porto Alegre

ChromeFree leather is supple and lightweight. Sourced from farms in southern Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul), it undergoes an innovative tanning process during which no chromium, heavy metals or dangerous acids are used. The simplification of the tanning stages makes it possible to limit the use of chemicals and energy, as well as to reduce the use of water by approximately 40% and that of salt by 80%. After tanning, the water is recyclable.

*ethylene vinyl acetate

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